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When can you raise a complaint with us?

Before we can consider your complaint, you must try and resolve your complaint with the business directly. You should get in touch with us if:

You purchased from a business that is registered as a member of the Furniture & Home Improvement Ombudsman.


You have been through the in-house complaints handling procedure of the business and they have provided you with a deadlock letter or three months have elapsed since the date you raised your complaint with them (whichever is the sooner).


Your purchase was made within the last six years unless you have an extended guarantee or warranty.

Please note: Where your complaint is about a business who is not registered with the Ombudsman scheme, we cannot investigate the complaint. In these cases we may be able to offer you our independent inspection service, which can determine whether you have a valid complaint in relation to your purchase. However this is a technical opinion on the purchase only and not a decision on what you may be entitled to from a legal point of view.


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