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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

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What might we ask you for?

We will ask you to explain to us, in your words, what happened, and what you would like the business to do about it.

Even though we have accepted a complaint, this does not mean that we will necessarily find in your favour. Each case is decided based on the evidence available and the relevant legal position. It will not be sufficient for you to make unsupported allegations or statements as we are an evidence based process.

Depending on your complaint, we might also ask you to include things such as:

  • copies of correspondence (letters, emails, texts) about the complaint (including if you have had a “deadlock” letter from the business saying they are not taking it any further);
  • proof of purchase;
  • any relevant receipts or invoices;
  • offers or replies received from the business;
  • independent reports;
  • copies of contracts and
  • photographs/videos.

We will ask the business to explain their understanding of your complaint, whether they agree that they are at fault and what they might have done or plan to do to put things right. To back this up, depending on the complaint, we might ask them for things such as:

  • proof of any action they have taken;
  • independent reports;
  • any offers already made to resolve the complaint and copies of contracts.


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