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How do we remain independent?

Board of Directors
Comprising a Chair and non-executive directors, the Board of Directors is responsible for appointing the Chief Ombudsman and providing governance. The Board of Directors also helps to safeguard the Ombudsman’s interests so that it is free to operate effectively and independently.

The Ombudsman Standards Board
To help preserve our independence and provide an invaluable set of checks and balances on our work, the Ombudsman Standards Board acts to regulate how we operate. All Board Members share our vision of inspiring consumer confidence and raising industry standards and do so on a voluntary basis.

Governed by a set of bye-laws, the Standards Board regularly reviews across section of our adjudications, to ensure they are both fair and reasonable. It also oversees our rules, practices and procedures.

Our Team
Our team of ombudsmen hold legal and professional qualifications in Alternative Dispute Resolution and have amassed several years of experience in the law and resolving complex consumer disputes. All of our staff are expected to abide by our Values which represent how we approach all aspects of our work and demonstrate our commitment to everyone involved with our service.

The Ombudsman Association
The Ombudsman is a full member of the Ombudsman Association. This voluntary membership helps us to illustrate our commitment to integrity and independence.


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