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Algram joins Ombudsman

Furniture, lighting and gift store Albert Graham Ltd., has joined the Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman (FHIO), giving their customers greater confidence and equipping them with additional protection and assurance.

For more than a quarter of a century, the independent, not-for profit and government approved Ombudsman has offered a range of services to its members and their customers including independent alternative dispute resolution, training and advice. The Ombudsman helps to provide consumers with additional peace of mind and supports businesses and their customers in finding solutions when disputes occur, without the need for costly and lengthy litigation.

Northern Ireland based Algram has been ‘trading since 1958 and was founded at by the then 17-year-old Albert Graham’. The company has their own delivery fleet to carry out all local deliveries based around their showroom in Ballymena by trained staff, and also delivers anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

Membership of the voluntary, government approved Ombudsman scheme demonstrates a dedication to promoting fair trade, protecting consumer’s rights and signifies customer service best practise.

By joining the Ombudsman scheme, an organisation demonstrates their continuous dedication to raising standards by signing up to a Code of Practice and promoting consumer confidence in the sector in which they operate, adding another layer of protection for their customers. In addition, membership reinforces industry best practise and an undertaking to manage complaints formally and at a level that is higher than the law prescribes. Access is provided to an established City & Guilds learning and development programme, and a dedicated Ombudsman team who are all legally trained.

Equally, consumers are benefitted as they as they will be able to access the independent expertise of the Ombudsman for free, if they are unable to resolve the complaint through existing channels or procedures.

Kevin Grix, CEO and Chief Ombudsman, Furniture and Home Improvement Ombudsman said, “Knowing that a business subscribes to an Ombudsman demonstrates responsible business practise and having our scheme in place, provides another layer of protection for consumers and businesses alike.

Hence, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to new members Algram as by joining our independent, government approved scheme, proves an ongoing commitment to protecting consumers’ rights and striving for excellence in business practise.”


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